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Breaking News:

December 1, 2015 — The San Angelo City Council approved a contract with Lee Lewis Construction to begin the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the City Auditorium. Additional construction elements were also approved, which is a joint funding project between donors to the San Angelo Performing Arts Coalition and the City of San Angelo totaling $14.4 million. Donors supporting this project, include a most generous $3 million gift announced fall 2014 from Elta Joyce Murphey for the naming rights to the City Auditorium, which will be come to be known as the "Murphey" performance hall and stage, at San Angelo city auditorium. Donors and foundations have brought in more than $6 million from the community to combine with city funding efforts to restore the auditorium as well as add an annex to increase the back-of-house function, accommodating performing arts groups and traveling shows. Under agreement with the City, SAPAC will operate the auditorium in conjunction with the performing arts center currently under construction, directly east of the auditorium. Construction on City Auditorium is scheduled to begin in January 2016 with completion targeted in early spring 2017. While initial funding has been secured to begin construction, additional fundraising continues to provide for items not included in the approved construction budget. Items, such as an orchestra shell and lift, additional lights, audio and visual equipment, out-side site development, annex interior build out, as well as furnishings and equipment. Your support is still needed, so please consider helping finish this project!

September, 2015 — In 2011 the original plan was that the SAPAC vision would be a two-phase project. Phase one would include remodeling the front-of-house of the City Auditorium and renovating the Coca Cola warehouse with a new 300-seat theater space, ballet studios, etc. Construction on the repurposing of the warehouse is underway and should be finished in August 2016. Phase two was to include remodeling the back-of-house of the City Auditorium in order to accommodate traveling shows.

Thanks to the generosity of Elta Joyce Murphey McAfee, there was enough money to complete Phase One AND dedicate monies to be put toward Phase Two. As architectural plans were being drawn up, it became clear that doing both phase one and two of the City Auditorium together would be most cost effective. However, after extensive investigation and planning, it was evident that there are significant structural issues tied to many years of deferred maintenance on this historical building which must be addressed.

All of these factors combined have now moved us into phase two fundraising. The entire project (phase one and two) now totals $26 million. Fortunately, the City of San Angelo has recently allocated an additional $4 million to help restore the iconic City Auditorium and keep the SAPAC vision moving forward. This amount coupled with all the other funds raised to date brings us to $23 million raised, or…… just $3 million shy of raising all the funds necessary!

As of September 21st, 2015 we already have $400,000 towards this $3 million final goal, so this final push will complete all the planned construction needed and provide start-up operation costs of this new performing arts campus, as well as needed furnishings and equipment. If we meet this goal, construction can begin late this year and city auditorium can reopen by February 2017!

Please consider a gift to help us meet this challenge, so that everything, both phase one and two, can be finished.

Groundbreaking held October 29 at 10:00 a.m. — SAPAC held the official ground-breaking ceremony at the former Coca-Cola Warehouse, with construction set to begin on this phase of the performing arts campus, which includes repurposing the former warehouse into a 300 seat theater, black box theater, seven ballet studios, rehearsal space, back of house and new lobby. Construction is expected to last 18 months, with anticipated opening in the fall of 2016. City Auditorium construction is anticipated to start in mid 2015 with opening also planned for the fall of 2016.

Significant gift helps SAPAC reach next funding goal — The San Angelo Performing Arts Coalition and the City of San Angelo proudly announced a $3 million gift in fall of 2014 that earns naming rights to City Auditorium and allows the design for modernization and re-opening of the auditorium to move forward to the next step.

The agreement between the City of San Angelo, the San Angelo Performing Arts Coalition, and local arts patron Elta Joyce Murphey McAfee provides for naming the auditorium the "Elta Joyce Murphey Performance Hall & Stage at San Angelo City Auditorium."

Mrs. McAfee's generous gift, other gifts and grants received by the Performing Arts Coalition, as well as funding from the city's half-cent sales tax provide SAPAC and the City to move forward with hiring architect Killis Almond from San Antonio and begin construction drawings for the ultimate rehabilitation of the City Auditorium stage and front-of-house as well as the addition of a new back-of-house annex.

The improvements will provide outstanding facilities for local performance groups, including the San Angelo Symphony, the Civic Ballet, and others. It also allows San Angelo to attract traveling Broadway-styled shows and other entertainment which it could not do in the auditorium's existing configuration.

Killis Almond and Associates has completed their final architectural construction documents and the City has selected Lee Lewis Construction in Lubbock as Construction Manager at Risk. Bidding is underway and is estimated to cost $13 million for construction, equipment and start-up costs. Subject to securing final funding by the City, donors and foundation, construction could start by year end 2015, with an opening targeted for spring 2017.

The newly refurbished Elta Joyce Murphey Performance Hall and Stage at San Angelo City Auditorium will join another construction project next door — the San Angelo Performing Arts Center located at the former Coca-Cola warehouse — to create an impressive performing arts campus and dramatically move forward revitalization of San Angelo's downtown area.

Both construction projects are being funded through donations, grants and city funding raised during the past three years.

June, 2014 — the San Angelo Performing Arts Coalition is excited to confirm that it has received enough donations and grants to proceed with the construction of the renovation of City Auditorium, addition of a back-of-house annex and construction of a performing arts complex in the former Coke Warehouse, located next to City Auditorium. Construction document completion is underway and ground-breaking is expected in the fall of 2014 on the Performing Arts Center and the City Auditorium rehabilitation work should begin in the 1st quarter of 2015.

Funding commitments will allow completion of both phases of the City Auditorium and the Coke Warehouse conversion to a performing arts center, contingent upon the successful completion of a new markets tax credit closing.

SAPAC continues to solicit and accept donations and offer naming opportunities, to provide adequate operational reserve and endowment funding, as well as seed money for future additions to the Performing Arts Complex. For more information, contact us at info@sa-pac.com

With your minimum donation of $300, an engraved brick will be placed on the walkway between City Auditorium and the new Center. Click here for order form.

The San Angelo Performing Arts Center is a 501c3 non-profit organizaion.

While cooperating when possible, San Angelo's lead performing arts organizations face challenges and lack synergy, and San Angelo lacks a modern space for the performing arts.

  • Angelo Civic Theatre operates its venue on Sherwood Way, but the 60-year-old converted movie theatre shows its age and presents limitations.
  • The San Angelo Civic Ballet operates in a variety of converted former stores on Beauregard and Chadbourne. Studios are overcrowded, not physically connected, and parking poses a problem.

  • The San Angelo Symphony lacks rehearsal space and storage. The 90-year-old City Auditorium where it performs has great need for improved stage, back-of-house amenities, and handicap access.

  • The San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council office operates now in the historic Cactus Hotel.

  • San Angelo does not have a venue to accommodate and produce traveling shows.
While retaining independence, the arts organizations will realize savings, benefit from synergy, and perform in significantly enhanced venues by consolidating in one location. All venues also will be available to non-SAPAC organizations.

  • ACT gains a modern 300-seat main performance space with state-of-the-art equipment and back-of-house, dedicated youth program/rehearsal space, black box theatre, enhanced set-building and costuming spaces, dressing rooms, and offices.

  • The Civic Ballet will have six studios and a Pilates studio integrated in one location with ample parking and safe drop-off and pick-up areas.
  • The Symphony gains a vastly improved performance space, a rehearsal hall,
    offices, dressing rooms, storage, and other amenities.

  • SACAC gains a space with a variety of performance options, plus co-location with arts groups it serves.

  • San Angelo gains City Auditorium amenities to accommodate traveling productions.
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